About WEmanage

In Israel there are quite a few companies developing and promoting websites. However, there are very few companies specializing in ongoing management of websites and businesses of various sizes. We at WEmanage have identified this need and have made an organizational change to serve all the small, medium and large businesses that are currently required for web services but do not know who to contact and how to get the best service.

company information:

Buchwald Ltd. specializes in ongoing management work and in large and complex projects.

The company has been founded in 2008, but all this time we were mainly involved in developing and promoting websites, since the beginning of 2017, we have invested most of our efforts in locating companies and businesses that require ongoing management services, so that we manage for our clients the full range of everything related to the management of their website and we do it successfully!

Today, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Managing websites systems on a regular basis.
  • Managing websites content on a regular basis.
  • Managing websites marketing regularly.
  • Managing leads / purchases on a regular basis.

Our customers benefit from a single provider that provides them with the overall services for the website, thereby reducing the headache in the management of business operations on the internet and saving time for activity in various markets and in the real world.

Since we believe in our capabilities and our professionalism, we do not require our customers to sign a long period of cooperation with us, we allow them to test us and to choose us every month again and again as a result of their satisfaction and the professional and quick service we provide them!

Want to try us? Contact us and we will explain how the process works and how we can help you in your activity with great success!

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