Looking for a website manager for your site? Meet Israel, our webmaster:

Yisrael Buchwald – Website manager

מנהל אתרים - ישראל בוכוולד

Yisrael has been a webmaster for more than a decade. As part of his work, he maintains, improves and improves his customers’ sites for many years to optimal results.

When choosing a webmaster for your business, it’s important to make sure that the manager has the right knowledge and experience in managing a variety of site types for long periods of time. Israel has all the knowledge to manage your site.

Favorite quote:

“Your time is required elsewhere – my time, managing websites”


Website management services where Israel specializes:

  • Manage corporate websites for businesses and companies.
  • Manage Ecommerce websites for online businesses.
  • Manage presence and network branding for businesses.
  • Marketing management on various platforms.

With the knowledge he has accumulated over the years, in his ability to get you the best results in managing your website. Instead of worrying about your visibility on the web and on the site in particular, contact Yisrael and make an appointment. After that, you will have no doubts about your professionalism and ability to help you leverage your online business.

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