How to edit content of products in a store

How to edit product content in a store to appear in search results? – Instructions!

Many of those who are interested in the “Ecommerce Website Management” service ask us, how are we different? Do we have experience editing products in online stores? Well, of course we have experience but in this article we will not talk about us but precisely  on our working methods. In this brief guide, we’ll explain how to edit products in an online store to appear high in search results.

Guide to editing products on your website

All online store owners have a similar dream: to appear with the products in their store at the top of the search results! Why? Because it ensures a growing number of accurate transactions and a increase in business income. But of course, when everyone has the same dream, the competition for fulfilling the dream becomes more difficult and therefore we must meet the highest of standards.

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    How to? – Here’s a 3-step guide:

    1. Work on the store structure:
      • Shop Targeting – Shop targeting to very precise niches.
      • Filtering / Navigation – Improving the navigation between products on site.
      • Building a hierarchy – Creating order based on customer value.
    2. Work on the product structure:
      • Establishment categories – Establishment of categories in the correct order.
      • Product tagging – Creating and associating products with interest tags.
      • Product attributes – Adding unique attributes to our store.
    3. Work on the actual products:
      • Product name – Edit product names based on searche phrases.
      • Product Description – Provide a short, concise but accurate description.
      • Product Image – Choose a flattering picture + ALT description.
      • Product Price – Show product price already in search results.

    More about the store structure:

    We understand that we can not win the whole market even if we really want to. Therefore, in the first stage, we choose the niche that produces the greatest profit per transaction for us. Every business has some products that which are responsible for most of the profits – Bread and butter of the business.

    We will target these niches for two reasons:

    1. Sales of these products will generate a high net profit.
    2. In these products, the store owner has a competitive advantage over the rest of the market.

    Once we have identified products that we are interested in selling, we can change the structure of the store and adapt the whole  store to these products by building a convenient filter, a clear hierarchy of products that we really want to sell, thereby informing the users and the search engines what we really want to sell.

    More about the product structure:

    When we add or edit, in an online store, we have a whole structure that can be exploited for our benefit. The product can be associated with several categories, several tags, and a number of unique attributes. The better we place the products on our virtual shelves, the more the search engines will prefer us over our competitors. How do you do this? What are our emphases? Well there are for order processes on this stage:

    1. Find out what people are looking for with the Google ads Keyword Planner.
    2. Determine how many searches per phrase and keyword are using
    3. Using categories and tags based on the results we’ve received.

    This is a process that looks simple but the task is somewhat complex because it is necessary to change your head set to logical thinking as similar to an algorithm to get the most out of this process. But you are invited to try 🙂

    More about editing actual products:

    Every product consists of 4 parts:

    • Product Name – A flexible name that we can invent or describe.
    • Product Description – A short or long description of the product and its use.
    • Product Image – Flattering image that causes a desire to purchase.
    • Price – the most significant detail on which the buyer will look immediately.

    The secret of editing products in an online store is to describe the product in the title and in a brief but precise description. The title and description should include the most accurate definition of the product along with a particularly short description of all possible descriptions of the product with precision.

    For example:

    • Product: Socks
    • Product title: Blue and light blue socks with smiley illustrations.
    • Product Description: Stylized and stylish socks for perfect style. The socks come in delicate blue and light blue colors with illustrations of smiling and friendly smiley faces.
    • Product image: An image that contains the description and we will add a text entry “Smiley Blue Socks”.

    The result:

    We took a boring and irrelevant product and made it vibrant and full of life. In this way, a user who searches for stylish or cool socks will see the result in his search and will have to enter and buy the product. As a result, more and more products make up a puzzle that allows users to be interested in one type of socks and find themselves buying more and more and always find something suitable for them..

    In conclusion,

    What is described in this article is part of SEO activity that is part of our website management services for ecommerce websites. promotion ecommerce sites is not easy at all and therefore there is a need for some experience in performing these tasks. Despite this, we encourage you to try to do it yourself. If you do not succeed or you do not have the time required, we will be happy if you contact us and we will be able to customize a management plan that includes everything you need and more!

    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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