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How To Write Content for Websites – Web Content Writing Guide!

Writing content for a website is not the same as writing content for a newspaper or any other field if we write content according to the usual rules, ordinary users will not reach our website. therefore, we must learn the rules of writing for the Internet and understand how to write content for our websites. This article is a concise guide to writing content on the web.

Website Content Writing Guide

Have you ever written a story or a tutorial on any subject? you probably wrote it freestyle or as a linguistic syntax that includes a title, content and a summary. when it comes to writing on websites, the rules of the game are completely different and you have to know how to write for the web before you start writing an article for the first time.

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    To make things easier, we divide this guide steps:

    1. For whom we are writing on our website?
    2. What do we write on our website?
    3. How do we write on our website?
    .Although these questions are quite similar, but as you will now see, there are fundamental differences between the questions and will form the basis for your future writing

    For whom we are writing on our website?

    We do not know who our readers are online. we do not know what they are necessarily looking for. therefore, unlike writing intended for any person or entity, on the Internet we write to everyone who may be concerned (to the general public). writing to the general public will be more general, broader and, of course, more concise.

    During writing to a website, we will try not to use professional expressions and in terms that are difficult to digest. instead, we will try to use a simple and easy-to-understand language so that any user (age, gender, identity) will find himself in our content and the likelihood that he will buy from us or ask for our services increases.

    What do we write on our website?

    The main transportation across the Internet today is Google’s search engine. when we want to learn about something new, to search for a service provider or to purchase a product, we often turn to the search engine’s for advice. in return the search engine gives us “search results” as it sees fit according to the nature of our writing and relevance of the content to the search engine.

    Therefore, when writing content, it is important that we write on topics that are of great interest  to the public or use keywords that many search in the search engine. Because if we use words that our potential customers do not use, they simply will not find us in the search results and because they will not reach our site, they will not read our content.

    tip! There are tools that tell us what people are looking for and so we can target a specific audience:

    Links: Google KeywordPlanner | keywordtool.

    If we write about interesting topics and offer the best answer to the users questions, search engines will prefer to place your  website at the top of the search results and that will create value for our writing. Otherwise, we write to the drawer and no one will read the content in which we invested a lot of time and work.

    How do we write on our website?

    After we know who we write and what we write about, we can relate to the writing itself. Website content writing will consist of easy-to-read parts and will include:

    • Main title.
    • A brief introduction.
    • Secondary title.
    • content:
      • Content paragraph.
      • title.
      • Content paragraph.
      • title.
    • Summary.

    A structure of this kind (embedded in this article) makes reading easier on both desktop and mobile devices. reading is easier since each number of lines we have a title and can skip content or focus on content very easily. This structure has additional advantages and is the ability to embed key keywords more efficiently and conveniently for the users and the search engines.

    This of course brings us to the subject  of keywords,

    Every article written to the general public on the Internet requires identifying the keywords that are used to search the topic we are referring to in the article. Thus, we know that there are keywords that should appear multiple times in an article in different variations so that we appear in the search results for these keywords in our customers search terms..

    In conclusion,

    This website content writing guide is the cornerstone of the web content world. If you do not know how to write for internet, you may want to hire a professional webmaster or a professional SEO professional to do the work for you.

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    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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