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Managing a website independently or by a company – which is preferable?

Most website owners manage their websites on their own. Or so they think .. In practice, the absolute majority of websites are not managed at all and do not undergo any changes for many years! This is because website owners are busy with day-to-day tasks and can not spend the time or the energy to maintain and operate the website. The question is, what do we do about it?

In this article, we review the various options and help you choose the method that you prefer.

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    Independent website management VS website management by a company

    Websites are similar in nature to physical shops in the real world. There are shops whose windows are constantly updated and attract many customers every day. There are shops whose windows are not inviting, so the number of customers entering them is low and not very promising. As stores require ongoing management if they want to succeed, so do websites require ongoing management to succeed!

    Once understanding has been internalized by us, we can choose to manage our website alone or manage the website with the help of a specialized website management company.

    Here’s an explanation of the options:

    Managing a website independently:

    The default for business owners who own a website is to manage the site on their own. (You know, it’s free!)

    • Advantages of Independent Management:
      • No cost!
      • In-depth knowledge of the business.
      • Direct conduct with customers.
    • Disadvantages of Independent Management:
      • No time!
      • Lack of technological knowledge.
      • Content not optimized for the web.

    Despite the obvious advantages that entice most of the website owners, the disadvantages are significant and the technological barrier or lack of time is a very difficult barrier to get overcome, and in most cases the websites are simply not managed due to the despair of the website owners who did not undergo regular and professional training on the website upon launched.

    website management by a company:

    Large companies, financial institutions and business owners who understand the meaning of a well managed and up to date website, tend to hire a website content management services and even full management services depending on the nature of business activity online.

    • Benefits of managing by a company:
      • Professional management and constant updating.
      • Peace of mind and less headache.
      • Better results from the website.
    • Disadvantages of management by a company:
      • It is necessary to update the company periodically.
      • Management services cost money..

    The main barrier for business owners in the transition to website management through a professional company that specializes in management services is of course the cost of the service. Website management services cost money and not everyone likes the idea of another monthly expense. In practice, this is a cost that in many cases is so small that it is a shame not to spend what is needed and to earn an updated website, which also Responsible for better results and new profits.

    So what to choose?

    The answer is quite simple:

    • If you have a business and you are also technological and have the time to manage the site – continue with all your strength by yourself!
    • If you have a business and you do not really know how to operate a website or you lack the time – hire a website management company!
    In conclusion,

    Website management services do not cost that much. Managing corporate websites costs a few hundreds dollars per month. Managing ecommerce websites costs between a few hundreds dollars up to a few thousand dollars every month but includes everything you need under one roof. Most websites fall under the corporate category and therefore are not that expensive. Contact us for a consultation and a price estimate to manage your website with no obligation from your side!

    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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