Maintenance for corporate websites

Maintenance of websites and corporate websites in particular is important. Many tend to forget their responsibility to manage and maintain their corporate website and therefore the site slowly becomes a useless monument and use by many users.

Regular maintenance of corporate websites must include frequent updates of the system, maintaining accurate and up-to-date visual visibility at all times, and especially ensuring that users continue to express confidence in the services that the business presents through the website.

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    What is included in corporate website maintenance?

    • Webite Hosting

      Store and secure your site’s content

    • Maintenance work

      System maintenance and plugins

    • Implementation Updates

      Implementation of updates required by law

    Advantages of corporate website maintenance

    Maintaining corporate websites is not a complex job, and for this reason, the advantages of the service are even greater. When it comes to relatively easy work whose cost is determined accordingly, it is a pity not to invest the required amount to ensure that your corporate website continues to work as required!

    Regular maintenance of corporate websites is not only a basic solution for the website to load properly, but it also has other advantages. Maintenance providers can request adjustments and changes that will ensure better results for the business in the long term.

    Costs and summary

    The cost of maintaining a website is usually determined according to the content management system and the service level of maintenance required. For example, maintaining a WordPress-based website is likely to be significantly cheaper than maintaining a Drupal-based website.

    The price of website maintenance is determined in accordance with the expected work that will be required to invest each month in order to maintain the website’s integrity and security. Contact us for a customized quote for your needs and we promise you will come out satisfied!

      !Need help? Consult the WEmanage experts and we'll be happy to help