Manage sales websites – Ecommerce

Ecommrece websites require quite a bit of work. Anyone who has tried to manage or practiced managing an online store knows that this is not a simple task. It is necessary to invest a great deal of effort in photographing, editing, uploading, arranging and constantly improving the products shown on  homepage in order to ensure a good shopping experience.

Physical store owners and retail chain owners can not or not want wnat to run their online store because they have a lot on their heads. Exactly for those customers, we offer our “Ecommerce Website Management Service”. All-inclusive service to help manage an online store for success..

Website management and sales by professionals ensures maximum exposure and optimal service to customers. Managing a ecommerce website by a professional company that specializes in sales will result in more and more people entering the site and exposing to your products and then purchasing products time after time.

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    What is included in ecommerce website managment?

    • Content management and products

      Content management and products on the website

    • Website products marketing management

      Managing marketing complex for the website

    • Manage inquiries and sales

      Manage inquiries and sales received  on the website

    Advantages of ecommerce website managment

    The most obvious advantage of managing a ecommerce website to an outsider is the huge savings in time. Instead of dealing with all the technical aspects of the website system, you can invest the energy in production or in locating additional products to display on your website.

    If you set up a new online store, the advantage is even greater, because the webmaster can help you make decisions and guide you by telling you what other websites are doing and how they do it. Ecommerce site management by a professional will significantly affect the performance of the website.

    Costs and summary

    In general, the cost of managing a ecommerce website will be high compared to managing an corporate website or other types of sites. However, even in the world of ecommerce sites there are websites whose management costs more or less depending on the number of products, the frequency of updating the products, the service level requested and more ..

    We can offer you a proposal to manage a ecommerce website by telephone, but our final price for managing a ecommerce website will be determined only after a short period of ongoing operation in which we learn what are your requirements and how many hours per month will be required.

    You are welcome to contact us at the bottom of this page or on the contact page and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible and expand on the service and immediately price the service you need!

      !Need help? Consult the WEmanage experts and we'll be happy to help