Website management for large organizations

Large companies and institutional entities are not interested in managing the website on their own. To these organizations, we offer the “Site Management Service for Large organizations”, whose goal is to provide an efficient and immediate solution to significant organizations required for round-the-clock support with significant manpower.

We know how to provide comprehensive service to large entities such as government ministries, local authorities, international companies, suppliers, importers, large companies and more. The service offered enables large organizations to focus on their activities, while exporting responsibility for the website to our professionals.

The management of a large website requires us to provide a range of services and includes, among other things, the response to many requests from customers who turn to the website or via Facebook (for those interested) and thus improve the service and to achieve greater satisfaction from customers.

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    What is included in website managment for organizations?

    • website Content Management

      Managing website content regularly

    • Managing website marketing

      Management of the marketing complex for website

    • Manage and filter contact forms

      Manage and filter inquiries from the website

    Advantages of website managment for organizations

    Large companies and government agencies are not interested in providing solutions to every customer and client who makes contact via the website. Today, most of the contact forms are concentrated in secretarial or administrative offices and are handled slowly if at all. Our service provides a quick response to every customer.

    Instead of having a full-time webmaster as a company employee, the organization can hire our website management services to solve the problem of site management and focus solely on providing services. The service is customized for every business and ensures customer satisfaction.

    Costs and summary

    The costs of managing a large website serving a large public are determined according to the service level agreement requested and according to the number of requests received daily on the website. There are cases in which the costs are marginal and in other cases, it is a significant investment but it pays off accordingly.

    The price of managing an institutional website will be determined after a conversation with the marketing managers and an understanding of the business needs so that it will be possible to calculate the hours of work that will be required in ongoing promotion and management each month.

    You are welcome to contact us at the bottom of this page or on the contact page and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible and expand on the service and immediately price the service you need!

      !Need help? Consult the WEmanage experts and we'll be happy to help