Website management for social sites

Social websites such as forums, chats, closed social networks, customer clubs, and dating websites allow users to interact with each other on the site. While these websites live on a community basis, they must be managed and monitored closely at all times in order to maintain an appropriate level of dialogue and user security.

The social websites management service enables community site owners to release some of the stress and focus on additional issues when a professional site manager manages the community for them during the agreed hours and according to the accepted practice.

We offer an exceptional service that attaches to your site a permanent webmaster who becomes a part of the community and becomes an inseparable part of it. This administrator can respond dynamically and immediately at any time as needed and manage the community and ensure that everyone follows the policies and terms of use of the website.

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    What is included in social website managment?

    • Webite Content Management

      Managing website content regularly

    • Managing website marketing

      Management of the marketing complex for the website

    • Manage and filter inquiries

      Manage and filter contact forms received on the site

    Advantages of social website managment

    social websites are known as sites that require ongoing and constant management. Managing a community website requires great availability at all hours of the day, but many community website owners are not available at all during the day when they have other important occupations.

    Managing social websites / community websites management by professional webmasters ensures that there is a pair of eyes on your website at any given moment and when necessary there will be someone who will remove users or protect users and thus ensure the security and stability required from community websites.

    Costs and summary

    Social website management costs vary from site to site depending on the complexity of the website and the hours of work required each month. There are sites whose cost of ongoing management is estimated at small sums of money and others whose cost of managing them is quite expensive but pays it off accordingly.

    The price of managing a community site is determined after a conversation with the customer and an understanding of his needs so that it will be possible to calculate the work hours required for the promotion and ongoing management each month.

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      !Need help? Consult the WEmanage experts and we'll be happy to help