Types of Website Maintenance – Corporate/Ecommerce/Community Websites

Many companies provide site maintenance services. But as many companies offer this service, so the number of different types of maintenance they offer. One company will offer system storage and maintenance. Another company will offer storage services or maintenance and security, and a third company will offer an all-inclusive package that also includes maintenance of content on the website.

This article is intended to regulate the types of maintenance and help you understand what kind of maintenance service you need for your website:

Types of Website Maintenance

Each site must have regular maintenance services. However, there are sites that require more and more and other sites that require least..

Here are the types of maintenance to consider depending on the type of your site:

Maintenance of corporate websites:

If you have an corporate website whose primary purpose is to present your business in a positive light and provide basic information about services and work hours, you belong to a category of corporate sites. These sites require minimal maintenance because they do not need to perform complex operations and therefore their system is fairly basic.

Additionally, corporate sites do not contain valuable information or private information about users and therefore there is little value to hack them or hurt them. When your corporate site is at low risk and does not contain complex components, the need for ongoing maintenance decreases and you do not have to pay large amounts on a monthly basis.

You must require the following services:

  • Secure website storage.
  • Website system maintenance.
  • Website plugins maintenance.

Maintenance of Ecommerce websites:

If you have a sales website that aims to sell as much as possible, you belong to a category of Ecommerce websites. Ecommerce sites are required for more complex systems and usually include advanced capabilities such as credit card clearing, user accounts, order management and inventory, and many other important components.

Additionally, Ecommerce websites sometimes include valuable information such as personal information, credit card information, and user passwords. Combining these account components + identifying information + credit information together offers quite a few loopholes for hackers who see this information as a value that can be exploited in a variety of questionable ways positioning your site at high risk.

You must require the following services:

  • Secure website storage.
  • Website system maintenance.
  • Website plugins maintenance.
  • Traffic Encryption Certificate (SSL).
  • Website security components.
  • Periodical monitoring.

Maintenance of service/information websites:

If you have a website that aims to provide public information (websites of public entities) or a website that aims to provide customer service and customer support (sites of large companies), you belong to a service / information site category. Service and information sites are often targeted by hackers who want to damage the image of the organization / company behind the website.

In some cases, companies are required to upload information about all of their customers or to enable various actions relating to service packages or payment settings of the customer. In these cases, customers are identified by means of an ID card and other characteristics, which requires compliance with strict ISO standards and with very high level of encryption.

You must require the following services:

  • Secure website storage.
  • Website system maintenance.
  • Website plugins maintenance.
  • Traffic Encryption Certificate (SSL).
  • Website security components.
  • Periodical monitoring.
  • Real-time access monitoring.
  • Website backup on a daily basis.
  • Website content management.
  • Website information management.

Maintenance of community websites:

If you have a website designed to allow different people to chat with each other (forums, chat sites, closed social networks, customer clubs), you belong to a community site category. Community websites consist of users and therefore the highest value in this site is the number of active users and their relationship to the site.

Social websites are not necessarily under threat attack. Instead, there may be users that will make criminal use of the site or attempt to hack into various user accounts on the site in order to extract valuable information. In addition, there are users that will attempt to perform prohibited actions on the site such as fraud or harassment and you must enforce these situations in severity and in real time.

You must require the following services:

  • Secure website storage.
  • Website system maintenance.
  • Website plugins maintenance.
  • Traffic Encryption Certificate (SSL).
  • Website security components.
  • Community control in real time.
  • Website backup on a daily basis.
  • Website communication Management.
  • Website user Management.
In conclusion,

Each site must have maintenance services. There are sites that require more, others less. We offer all types of maintenance services for all types of websites. you are welcome to contact us for consultation at no cost and no obligation and we will try to help you make the best decisions for your site and budget available to you. good luck!

This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

Website Maintenance – What is the cost to maintain a WordPress website?

Many think that after they have built a website they can launch the site and forget all about it. This, of course, is a serious mistake that exposes their website to various breaches and problems. Websites, especially sites based on open source content management systems such as WordPress, must have ongoing maintenance services otherwise they may be damaged in the long run.

Website maintenance

Very few customers ask us about site maintenance. Perhaps because this is a service that seems unnecessary. In our case, it does not matter that much because all of our customers purchase site management services and we include maintenance services in package, we do so because we want provide better service and to prevent the need for more work in the future.

So why do we write this article? Well, recently we feel that some of our clients are not interested in a comprehensive site management service, but only in ongoing maintenance and with rare content revisions included in service. That is, website owners want to know how they can get management and maintenance services for their website without spending to much every month.

For this reason, in this article we will detail site maintenance costs with an emphasis on WordPress content management system.

How much does it cost to maintain a WordPress-based website?

There are different types of content management systems and websites. HTML sites are very easy to maintain but are complex for editing. WordPress sites are very easy to edit but sometimes can be complicated to maintain. In this article, we will refer to WordPress websites only (sorry to the rest of the site owners) since wordpress is the most popular content management system in the world with 60% of CMS market and 33% of websites in total!

The cost of maintaining WordPress sites is divided into two:

  1. Maintenance of WordPress corporate website – 150-300$ per month.
  2. Maintenance of WordPress ecommerce website – 200-400$ per month.

*Hourly maintenance can range from: 100$ and up.

The division between these websites operating on the same content management system is necessary because there are additional components on the ecommerce websites (Woocommerce..) that require extra hours of work each month in their maintenance. For example, we have a product presentation systems, Discount and acquisition extensions along with credit Billing capabilities that all need updating and subsequent testing all the time, and these actions take quite a while.

Is there a way to save on website maintenance cost?

Not many people ask this question. However, it is definitely possible to lower website maintenance costs if you pay for a whole year in advance. In other words, website owners who order site maintenance services for 12 months and pay in advance can receive a significant discount and even two months free of charge, but of course every company operates differently and for different reasons.

This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

Website maintenance services – plans, cost, contract & availability – Review!

If you have a website that is not managed by a professional webmaster, it is likely the website is not updated and not fully secure and you need maintenance services. in this article, we cover the issues you need to know when choosing a website maintenance provider.

Website maintenance services  – Review

webite maintenance services are usually offered as part of a website management package, but can also be offered as an independent service. we would like to present this service divided into answers to the questions that everyone tends to ask us:

What is website maintenance?

website maintenance is a technical service whose purpose is to ensure continuous health of the website and providing optimal service to web users. as part of website maintenance services the site maintenance company provides a range of services to achieve several goals:

  • Website updates.
  • Website health.
  • Website security.
  • Website speed.
  • Website optimal.

Achieving these goals is essential for providing online service, with the help of website maintenance services, the site owner can deal mainly with business without worrying about all the rest..

Website maintenance plans:

There are two ways to maintain a website:

  1. Website maintenance on a monthly basis.
  2. Website maintenance from time to time.

We almost always prefer to use website maintenance services on a monthly basis, since the website maintenance company learns our website and can provide continuous and consistent service which includes essential components such as real-time website updates for Content Management System, for Website Template, for System Extensions, which promises that the site is always up to date and secure.

All of the above is true when we have an open source content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magneto and others..) but when we have a closed code system which was built especially for us, we will prefer as little as possible code edits so we would prefer service from time to time and only when the need arises

Website maintenance contract:

If you turn to a website maintenance company for service, make sure that you are carefully reviewing the service agreement they provide since this is the only document that binds the company and on this agreement you will get your service.

It is important to know that the agreement does not Bind only the service provider but also you. Yes, you also need to fill your part in agreement, otherwise the level of service may be inferior.

Website maintenance availability:

The most important variable in website maintenance services is the availability of the service provider!. when reviewing the service agreement as described above it is important to place great emphasis on the following issues:

  • Working days and hours.
  • Entity responsible for the service
  • Response time commitment.
  • Treatment time commitment.
  • Emergency response (time and info).

Service Agreement for the Maintenance of websites must include all certifications so that you will have an emergency and routine response and treatment at a reasonable time range.

Website maintenance cost:

Website maintenance costs variables from site to site and according to the content management system on which they operate. but for the most part, service costs are not that expensive, Therefore it is definitely worth ordering website maintenance service.

  • Cost of website maintenance on a one-time basis: 50$ to 200$ per hour.
  • Cost of website maintenance on a monthly basis: 150$ to 500$ per munth.

*Depends on the management system

In conclusion,

Do not spare when it comes to managing and maintaining your website. It is true that there are costs, but these save a lot more in the long term. if you are interested in maintenance or management services for your website, feel free to contact and consult with us – We do not bite 🙂