monthly website management cost VS website management cost per hour

If you think it’s time to take your website one step further? you must have checked out a few website management options. from a variety of possibilities, there are two that you should consider:

  1. website management on a monthly basis.
  2. website management on a hourly basis.

The service is the same service but the costs are likely to be different. in this article we will explain the types of service and their differences.

monthly website management VS website management per hour?

Let’s go!

monthly website management:

When you have ongoing management tasks on your website, it’s a good idea to have a relationship site management company regularly. in other words, we would like them to know our website inside out so that they can provide us with optimal service and solve problems quickly and in real time.

To enter an agreement with site management company, we must clarify in advance what our needs are and what we expect of them in order to prevent misunderstandings or serious mistakes. for that reason serious management companies will sign you on a SLA (Service Level Agreement) in which they commit to availability, response times and treatment times for any type of problem, what makes this service critical for medium and large companies.

website management per hour:

When you have one-time management task or task from time to time on your website, you may not want ongoing service on a monthly basis. instead, you may prefer to purchase of website management hours in advanced.

The disadvantage of website management services by the hour is that there is no obligation on the part of the management company to assist you in real time and this is a significant disadvantage for those who want peace of mind in terms of website health and site security.

monthly website management cost VS website management cost per hour:

website management cost per hour Will always be more expensive than monthly website management because all website management companies prefer a regular customer based on a retiner in contrast to a customer who drives them crazy on one subject and disappeared until the next time.

The site management company has a hard time planning a schedule for casual customers and therefore price these working hours at higher prices.

How to make a decision on the subject?

Only you know what your business needs are. Therefore, you must make a decision what is right for you. but it is important to read about costs of site management (link) and then add between 30-40% in costs if you want the service on an hourly basis.

If you are not sure what is right for you, feel free to leave your info and we will get back to you shortly 🙂

website management cost – how much does website management cost?

Do you have a website that was not maintained for a long time? Your website requires content editing but you don’t have free time? You probably need website management services and very much want to know how much this pleasure will cost you!

website management cost

Let’s start with a brief explanation, website management services is a title for several different services which are often required together to achieve the desired results on our website. following is a list of services included In website management package:

  • Maintenance:
    • Website hosting – Fast storage with CDN.
    • Website backups – Backup on a daily basis.
    • Website firewall – Advanced and efficient security.
    • Framework updates – Implementing system updates.
    • Plugin & code upgrades – System extension and theme updates.
  • Management:
    • Website content management – Editing, writing and arranging content.
    • Website content optimization – Improving quality and visibility of content
    • Conversion rates optimization – Increase in contact forms sent via website.
    • Website Analysis and measurement – Learning the needs of users.
    • Website development & improvement – Development according to need.
  • Marketing
    • Search engine optimization – Improving placement in search results.
    • Search Engine Marketing – Search Sponsored Advertising.
    • And more..

Ok, I understand what that is site management services, Now give me some numbers!

how much does website management cost?

The service can be divided into three levels:

  1. Minimum service level – 500$ monthly payment.
  2. Average service level – 1,000$ monthly payment.
  3. Full service level – 2,000$ monthly payment.

When there is no need to manage the website on a monthly basis, you can always contact a website management company (Contact Us!!!) and request service per hour.

Website management cost per hour:

  1. Minimum difficulty – 50$ per hour.
  2. Average difficulty – 100$ per hour.
  3. Full difficulty – 200$ per hour.

Since each website is built on a different platform, prices can vary slightly up or down in relation to the content management system used on your website. further, sometimes the website is in bad shape and it may be worth upgrading the site rather than maintaining it at ongoing costs.

Is website management services worth while?

Definitely. Yes.

Professionally managed websites provide a better experience for website visitors and the number of contact forms sent through the website is expected to grow. finally, search engines like Google will prefer a managed website over other static websites.

If you want site management services feel free to contact us in the form below,