Website management and SEO- The relationship between site management and SEO!

Many of our customers choose to take SEO as part of the web management services we offer. this is a choice which increases cost ot ongoing site management, but in the long run value is immeasurably greater than the immediate cost. since some of our clients do not understand the connection between website management and SEO, we decided to write this article for them.

Website management & SEO

To understand the connection between site management and SEO, we need to go back a bit and give some background (especially about the SEO):

There are many different methods to promote websites in the search engines (SEO). These methods are divided or combined  by 2 sets of different parts:

  1. ON-SITE – An organic promotion based on the website itself.

    • Optimizing images on the site.
    • Improving website titles and descriptions.
    • Installing an SSL certificate to the site.
    • and more..
  2. OFF-SITE – An organic promotion based on off-site activity.

    • Build incoming links to the site.
    • Purchasing PR articles online.
    • Collaboration with other sites.
    • and more..

A professional SEO will combine these two methods together To achieve great results for the site.

After we have a little understanding of SEO, we can go back and explain about the relationship of site management with SEO:

The relationship between website management and SEO results:

The most important saying in SEO is:

Give higher value than your competition!

Search engines engines which sites give the users the greatest value (user experience, relevance, speed of response). The way the search engines differentiate between the different websites is by measuring the reactions and behavior of users from the moment they entered the website and even after they left the website (did they search again because they did not find a answer ?!)

Therefore, even if we use an excellent off-site strategy, if the search engines receive indications that this is a reliable source and high quality, the new traffic will not be long in coming. Thus, if the response on the site itself is poor, the search engines will understand that there is deception and manipulation on this site and therefore the site will not hold high rankings in search results over time.

Which brings us to a professional site management:

Site management by a professional who is also experienced in SEO ensures that there will be a link between off-site activity and on-site activity. Website management by an experienced professional ensures that we can significantly improve visibility, content, and overall experience to bypass the service provided by our competitors.

In other words, a webmaster who also serves as a SEO will give you the full package. On the one hand, ON-SITE is excellent because it is his specialty. On the other hand, the match to the activity that will be done in parallel OFF-SITE will be unrivaled and this of course ensures performance that is difficult to compete with.

In conclusion,

If you do not find the time to manage your website independently, if you can not handle the ongoing management of the website, it is important that you get help from a site management company (we recommend ourselves, of course!) but remember to require a management package that includes the required level of SEO With emphasis on Google. Want to consult with us free of charge and no obligation? Contact us and we promise to help you make an informed decision on the subject!

This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew