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web content management – How Often? What to update? costs?

The fact that we have a website does not guarantee that we will receive inquiries from potential customers. To ensure that the site works for us and obtain results, we need to keep the site current and relevant at all times. To do this, we need to manage website content and in this article we will explain how to manage the content of a website so that you can do it by yourself.

Website Content Management – A Brief Guide

There are a variety of sources of traffic to websites. we have the search engines traffic, social networking traffic, online mailing traffice and more. However, all these sources rely heavily on the content of the site. It is not possible to share a content-free page on social networks and you can not expect to achieve high search results in the search engines when there is no suitable content on the website.

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    To benefit from our website, Website content must be carefully managed. But how do you do it and when?! In this article we try to answer these questions:

    When to update website content?

    Search engines can distinguish between an “active” website that has been updated from time to time and “inactive” site that has not been updated for a long time. Search engines such as Google prioritize up-to-date and relevant sites over non-current sites because the updated site is more likely to provide a better response to its users.

    In order to be considered an “active site”, updates are needed more than once every two weeks. In other words, a change should be made (it’s better to add new content!) At least once a week / two weeks, so that the site is considered to be updated.

    What content on the site must be updated?

    Website content is divided into three components:

    1. Home page – the window to our entire activity of the business/organization. (Update recommended)
    2. Service Pages – Pages that display the services you provide. (Recommended for updates)
    3. Information pages – blog, hours of operation, address, phone and more.. (Must update)

    The most important component of course is the website homepage because search engines scan it most often and that is also the first thing users see. On the service pages, we will try to change as little as possible since these pages should be optimized for organic/sponsored promotion in the first place, and most of the updates will be carried out on the information pages, which may appear to be less relevant but give us more flexibility.

    What is the value of managing a website’s content?

    A website with updated content is a site that provides better service to users. For example, an up-to-date Web site will display up-to-date operating hours, display up-to-date services and contacts, and make each inquiry will have the best response. In the short term, there is no significant difference in traffic to the site or in the satisfaction of users. However, in the long term, an up-to-date site will gain the trust of the users, and that the search engines confidence and results will not be too late to come.

    The better you service is, the more success you’ll get online!

    How Much Does Website Content Management Cost?

    Many site owners are very interested in keeping their website content up to date but just do not find the time to do it on their own. For them there are service providers (like us – nice to meet!) Who offer a wide variety of site management courses that can match the type of website management you need.

    Website content management costs are affected by the amount and quality of updates required. For example, it is not possible to compare the management of the content of a Ecommerce website that requires updates on a daily basis and the management of the content of an corporate website that requires updating on a weekly basis.

    Web Content Management Price Range:

    • Corporate content Management Cost – 150$ and up.
    • Ecommerce content Management Cost – 400$ and up.

    Want to find out the exact cost for your website? Leave us a massage and we will get back to you and give you answers at no cost and no obligation on your part!

    Team WEmanage 🙂

    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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