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Website maintenance services – plans, cost, contract & availability – Review!

If you have a website that is not managed by a professional webmaster, it is likely the website is not updated and not fully secure and you need maintenance services. in this article, we cover the issues you need to know when choosing a website maintenance provider.

Website maintenance services  – Review

webite maintenance services are usually offered as part of a website management package, but can also be offered as an independent service. we would like to present this service divided into answers to the questions that everyone tends to ask us:

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    What is website maintenance?

    website maintenance is a technical service whose purpose is to ensure continuous health of the website and providing optimal service to web users. as part of website maintenance services the site maintenance company provides a range of services to achieve several goals:

    • Website updates.
    • Website health.
    • Website security.
    • Website speed.
    • Website optimal.

    Achieving these goals is essential for providing online service, with the help of website maintenance services, the site owner can deal mainly with business without worrying about all the rest..

    Website maintenance plans:

    There are two ways to maintain a website:

    1. Website maintenance on a monthly basis.
    2. Website maintenance from time to time.

    We almost always prefer to use website maintenance services on a monthly basis, since the website maintenance company learns our website and can provide continuous and consistent service which includes essential components such as real-time website updates for Content Management System, for Website Template, for System Extensions, which promises that the site is always up to date and secure.

    All of the above is true when we have an open source content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magneto and others..) but when we have a closed code system which was built especially for us, we will prefer as little as possible code edits so we would prefer service from time to time and only when the need arises

    Website maintenance contract:

    If you turn to a website maintenance company for service, make sure that you are carefully reviewing the service agreement they provide since this is the only document that binds the company and on this agreement you will get your service.

    It is important to know that the agreement does not Bind only the service provider but also you. Yes, you also need to fill your part in agreement, otherwise the level of service may be inferior.

    Website maintenance availability:

    The most important variable in website maintenance services is the availability of the service provider!. when reviewing the service agreement as described above it is important to place great emphasis on the following issues:

    • Working days and hours.
    • Entity responsible for the service
    • Response time commitment.
    • Treatment time commitment.
    • Emergency response (time and info).

    Service Agreement for the Maintenance of websites must include all certifications so that you will have an emergency and routine response and treatment at a reasonable time range.

    Website maintenance cost:

    Website maintenance costs variables from site to site and according to the content management system on which they operate. but for the most part, service costs are not that expensive, Therefore it is definitely worth ordering website maintenance service.

    • Cost of website maintenance on a one-time basis: 50$ to 200$ per hour.
    • Cost of website maintenance on a monthly basis: 150$ to 500$ per munth.

    *Depends on the management system

    In conclusion,

    Do not spare when it comes to managing and maintaining your website. It is true that there are costs, but these save a lot more in the long term. if you are interested in maintenance or management services for your website, feel free to contact and consult with us – We do not bite 🙂

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