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Website Maintenance – What is the cost to maintain a WordPress website?

Many think that after they have built a website they can launch the site and forget all about it. This, of course, is a serious mistake that exposes their website to various breaches and problems. Websites, especially sites based on open source content management systems such as WordPress, must have ongoing maintenance services otherwise they may be damaged in the long run.

Website maintenance

Very few customers ask us about site maintenance. Perhaps because this is a service that seems unnecessary. In our case, it does not matter that much because all of our customers purchase site management services and we include maintenance services in package, we do so because we want provide better service and to prevent the need for more work in the future.

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    So why do we write this article? Well, recently we feel that some of our clients are not interested in a comprehensive site management service, but only in ongoing maintenance and with rare content revisions included in service. That is, website owners want to know how they can get management and maintenance services for their website without spending to much every month.

    For this reason, in this article we will detail site maintenance costs with an emphasis on WordPress content management system.

    How much does it cost to maintain a WordPress-based website?

    There are different types of content management systems and websites. HTML sites are very easy to maintain but are complex for editing. WordPress sites are very easy to edit but sometimes can be complicated to maintain. In this article, we will refer to WordPress websites only (sorry to the rest of the site owners) since wordpress is the most popular content management system in the world with 60% of CMS market and 33% of websites in total!

    The cost of maintaining WordPress sites is divided into two:

    1. Maintenance of WordPress corporate website – 150-300$ per month.
    2. Maintenance of WordPress ecommerce website – 200-400$ per month.

    *Hourly maintenance can range from: 100$ and up.

    The division between these websites operating on the same content management system is necessary because there are additional components on the ecommerce websites (Woocommerce..) that require extra hours of work each month in their maintenance. For example, we have a product presentation systems, Discount and acquisition extensions along with credit Billing capabilities that all need updating and subsequent testing all the time, and these actions take quite a while.

    Is there a way to save on website maintenance cost?

    Not many people ask this question. However, it is definitely possible to lower website maintenance costs if you pay for a whole year in advance. In other words, website owners who order site maintenance services for 12 months and pay in advance can receive a significant discount and even two months free of charge, but of course every company operates differently and for different reasons.

    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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