Site management or SEO

What is the difference between website management and SEO?

We are often asked about the difference between site management and SEO. Well, this article will try to sort and display the feasibility of various services for your convenience. Let us start with the definitions and then go on o comparisons and decision making..

Differences between SEO and Site Management

Mane definitions:

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    • SEO – increasing traffic from the web (search) into the site.
    • Site management – Site management after the entry of visitors to the site.

    The average situation, many are paying substantial amounts each month for a professional who will manage for them the organic and ad promotion of potential customers to the site. But few pay  a professional who will manage for them the precious traffic that came to the site for conversion. In other words, missing out on many customers.

    But if we dive in, we find that the differences are even smaller and more important:

    The work of a SEO pro:

    The advertising online world is based on three main sources:

    1. Organic promotion of the site in the search results.
    2. Paid promotion of the site in search results and on various websites.
    3. Organic and Paid promotion of the site on social networks.

    These three sources are the basis for every modern website Seeking traffic. There are website promoters that do promise and succeed in driving traffic into the website and even get good results but do they get the maximum? Well, there are two types of website promoters:

    1. External website promoters – self-employed and companies that responsible to drive traffic to the site, But that’s it.
    2. Internal website promoters – employees and website owners who promote the website and also take care of the site.

    The first type will drive hollow traffic to the site and the results will be reasonable. The second type will drive traffic to the site, measure its performance and optimize the the site on the basis of incoming traffic. . This is done by constantly improving the landing page, the message conveyed through the website and of course making it accessible to the general public.

    The work of a webmaster:

    site management is based on four main components:

    1. Maintenance and management of the site – ongoing maintenance and maintaining optimal speed performance and experience.
    2. Content management on the site – updating content, improving content and display Modes according to the requirements of the users.
    3. Marketing management for the site – Management of marketing processes (including SEO) to drive traffic to the site.
    4. Managing inquiries from the site – improving conversion ratios and constant growth in inquiries and / or purchases through the site.

    While SEO is only responsible for a certain part of the funnel passed by each user, web manger must take care of the entire funnel. That is, to ensure that the site is maintained, fast and gives an excellent user experience, then he must manage and improve the content on the site to accurately display the services offered by the company, And only after he had succeeded with these steps can we go to the marketing and SEO process and encourage new traffic to the website.

    So what’s better: Website management or SEO?

    Costs are similar in both these services. Therefore, each website should be examined separately:

    Website owners who know how to manage the site as required and can also perform improvement work on site conversion will prefer a SEO pro that is his only specialty And therefore expect better results achieving new traffic to the website. (There is not always a correlation between the service and the supplier’s professional level – the professional should be checked carefully before signing an agreement).

    On the other hand, owners of websites without the time or knowledge of managing the components of the website, will require site management services that will enable them to get the best results from there website before and after the entry of users, since it is not worth investing money on SEO or PPC without a website that is ready for the site is ready for absorption of potential users.

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    This article is a translation of the original article in Hebrew

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