Looking for website management services? You came to the right place! we provide 360° Managment for Companies & Organizations that are intrested In professional service at a reasonable price and take better advantage of their time.

What is website management?

website management is a package of services that help website owners to keep their websites up to date and relevant to their customers.

website management is a service needed by two types of site owners:

  1. site owners with a lack of time.
  2. site owners with a lack of professionalism.

 This service provides total coverage for all your needs and ensures better results over time!

What is included in website management services?

When we join site-management services, We expect to receive many types of support and service. or in other words "Let someone else work for us!". and thats exactly what we do:

We take full responsibility and do everything the site owner would do himself. for us, every request, demand or dream – should be carried out as soon as possible!

So what services will we do for you?

  • Website Hosting – we will host your website (Secure, Encrypted)
  • Website Maintenance – we will mainten your website (System, Theme, Plugins)
  • Content Management – we will manage your website content (Pages, Articles, Media)
  • SEO – we will promote you in search engines (Google, Bing)
  • SEM – we will manage your marketing (Adwords, taboola, outbrain & more..)
  • and more..

What to expect?

Working with us includes signing a service agreement (SLA) which regulates and requires the parties to work together.

But here are the details briefly:

After signing and confirming the terms of the service, your assigned website manager will contact you with a request for the following details:

  • previous host provider details.
  • Domain access information.
  • Website managment panel access information.
  • Google Accounts access information (share access)
  • Any other services used access information. 

After granting all access, your assigned website manager will start working for you on a daily basis!

To whom we provide services?

Most of our services are provided in Hebrew. As we operate in the Israeli market and Hebrew is our first language. But we manage websites in English to, we will do everything in our power to provide the best service that money can buy!

In conclusion,  if you have any questions, a desire to clarify info, feel free to contact us – we promise to answer any questions you may have.

Call us: 055-9381228Email us: I@WEMANAGE.CO.IL or contact us at Contact Form Page

P.S – We offer full English service and support for our clients via Phone, Email, Whatsapp or any other type of communication!

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